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SLICOT grease for household needs


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    SLICOT grease for household needs

    Multipurpose silicone grease is used for different household needs: lubricating of hinges, locks, rubber seals, pipes, etc.


    • Grease is non-toxic, transparent, and not evaporable
    • Reliably protects materials from rust
    • Has high heat resistance (from -500C to +2300C)
    • Applied for lubricating gate valves, lock mechanisms, cranes, guidings, rubber seals, pipe connections, etc.


    How it works

    Operation principle – silicone grease creates on the working area uniform layer of coherent silicone molecules that lends perfect waterproof and tribological properties.

    In contrast to aerosols the silicone greases in tubes have 80-100% of pure silicone.

    Silicone grease recovers primordial state of plastic and rubber surfaces, color adds gloss and protects from unfavorable impact of moisture, wind and sharp temperature instability. As SILICOT is an universal grease it can be used for locks, door hinges, ventilators, coolers, rollers, rubber seals, etc.

    Silicone grease has good adhesion to materials made from metal, plastic, rubber, glass and wood.  High effect of lubricating property is specified its fluidity and optimal viscosity that lets form protective lubricating films on quite different surfaces.

    Main distinctions of silicone grease with mineral and synthetic greases are:

    • absence of human health risk (even in long-term and direct contact with skin)

    • wide working temperature range (from -50°Сto + 230°С)

    • good dielectric properties (not conduct current and can be applied in terminals)

    Silicone grease is colorless, without smell and taste, practical, universal, convenient in use.

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    Properties and application


    • Removes scratch of doors and hinges
    • Prevents corrosion
    • Prevents frosting-up
    • Makes easier mounting of plastic pipes
    • Decreases friction of surfaces
    • Durable
    • Has waterproof properties
    • Has thermal stability (from -50°C till +230°C)
    • Spraying is not necessary
    • Not washed off and flowed down
    • Not evaporated
    • Non-toxic



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    Sanitary and epidemiological certificate
    Valid until 14.03.2014

    ТC 2257-010-4554-0231-200
    Certificate of conformity
    Valid until 05.07.2013

    Release form

    tube (30 g)  

    tube in blister (30 g)

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