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Silicone grease MС


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    Silicone grease MС

    Multipurpose silicone grease is used for different surfaces to protect lightly loaded units, provide waterproof properties.



    • Grease is non-toxic, transparent, not evaporated
    • Has good dielectric properties
    • Protects conjunctions from water, dirt, and salt
    • Has high thermal resistance (from -500C to + 2300C


    Applied in friction pairs:

    • metal-metal;
    • metal-rubber;
    • metal-plastic;
    • metal-leather.

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    Properties and application

    Heat-resistant silicone grease with fluoroplastic

    The silicone grease MС is intended  for application on metal surfaces, rubber, wood, plastic for improving anti-friction characteristics and providing waterproof, protective-conservative properties. Also it is used for application in easily loaded conjunctions.


    Application temperature from -50 0С to +2300С


    Fluoroplastic in grease composition provides effective waterproof properties. 

    Grease is non-toxic and safety for human health.



    - easily loaded bearings;

    - units of medical equipment.


    BP: Optisil Fm (UK)



    The grease МС-SPORT is used at following factories:

    • NORDWEG Ltd. (shipbuilding industry)
    • GUP Mosgortrans (Russia)


    Release form

    can 400g.

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