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iMagnet P14


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    iMagnet P14

    Stabilizer of HTHS-motor oil viscosity


    iMagnet  is the first and only one of its kind product in international market. Pouring of only 5% of iMagnet P14 can rehabilitate all standard characteristics of motor oil. iMagnet will give your motor oil new lease of life!


    • Stabilize HTHS-motor oil viscosity
    • Protects engine from overheating
    • Prevents oil burning
    • Decrease temperature and friction in the most loaded units of the engine
    • Increase torque and engine power
    • It is not a thickener
    • Prolongs service life of motor oil

    It is aimed to be added into the motor oil

    iMagnet P14 — is the new type of oil additives based on double synergy effect of its components (P14 complex). 

    Motor oil properties change during its operating time in loaded engines after 1500 km of running, but not after 15000 km, as it is claimed by oil manufacturers. There are many examples. We would like to bring to your notice results of oil properties testing, which was made in Range Rover Sport (year 2013, turbo diesel, 3l).

    Really, today there is a world tendency to produce motor oil, which have long service life, also there is product line of motor oils «Long Life», but in reality long life of this motor oil is only written words on the package. The production of cars was innovated for last 10 years, production of motor oil was not improved. So you innovative car needs innovative motor oil. How can we improve motor oil?


    There were several investigations, which show that you can improve motor oil properties with the help of HTHS stabilizer iMagnet P14. This oil additive was tested on Range Rover Sport 2013, turbo diesel, 3l, the result is increasing of motor power on 55 h.p. on 2500-3000 rpm, torque-on 200 N/m. We would like to note, that fuel consumption has decreased from 9,6 to 8 liters per 100 km.

    iMagnet can not only stabilize HTHS index (High Temperature High Share oil viscosity), improve motor oil properties, but economize fuel! If you think about it on a global scale, millions liters of fuel can be economized!

    iMagnet stabilizes HTHS-viscosity, and struggle with the problem of modern motor oils-uncontrolled quality and premature loss of base motor oil protective properties. iMagnet can prevent loss of motor oil properties and increase oil change interval.

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    Properties and application

    How it works?

    The first complex of molecules becomes active only under high temperature and friction velocity. Under such conditions it forms stable 3-D structure in the oil film, which prevents contact of superficies of details with each other. In such a way one of the most important indicators of motor oil- HTHS viscosity is stabilized in the most important friction pairs, such as piston rings-cylinder surface, and also in motor bearings.

    The action of the second complex of molecules is aimed at real-time protection of friction surfaces. «Clever» oil-magnets creates thin elastic layer on the detail surface, this layer springs and repels under the friction the surface of the other motor detail, preventing from wear and tear.


    The third complex of molecules becomes active only in case of oil film destruction and only if the contact of friction surfaces is inevitable. In this case the surfaces of details are protected thanks to instantly created strong as diamond layer, which prevents damage of details surfaces of the motor.

    Thus, iMagnet P14 is not an oil thickener and does not contain particles, it is suitable for all modern cars. Its application will allow:

    • To increase the capacity and efficiency of the engine
    • To stabilize HTHS-viscosity of motor oil
    • To protect details of the engine from wear and tear
    • To increase the useful resource of the most modern oils
    • To reduce fuel consumption

    Recommended to apply iMagnet every time when oil change

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