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Brake grease MC 1600


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    • Brake grease MC 1600

      Unique working temperature rom -50 up to +1.000C

    • Brake grease MC 1600

      Stable to water and salt washout


    Brake grease MC-1600

    Innovative product for your brakes


      • Eliminates brakes noise
      • Unique working temperature up to +1.000C 
      • Protects caliper from corrosion
      • Protects slide pins from jamming or blocking


    Brochure MC-1600 in English

    Folleto MC-1600 en Español


    Use brake Brake grease MC-1600 every time when you replace brake pads

    How it works

    2. Back side and end sides of brake padsApply a thin layer of grease to cleaned back side of brake pads and their ends to prevent screeching and reduce vibration.WARNING: Do not apply to working surface of brake pads and brake discs!

    Multipurpose Brake grease MC-1600 is used for all brake calipers, eliminates brake pads noise and prevents caliper jamming or blocking.

    Where to use Brake grease MC-1600:

    - Caliper slide pins
    - Back and end sides of brake pads
    - Piston


    brake caliper grease application

    Caliper. Use caliper grease MC-1600

    Caliper slide pins

    Apply a thin layer of brake Brake grease MC-1600 to all caliper slide pins to prevent jamming and corrosion, and facilitate disassembly and assembly of caliper slide pins.

      Use brake and caliper grease MC-1600 for brake pads to prevent squeal
      Use brake and caliper grease MC-1600 for caliper pistom to prevent corrosion


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    Properties and application


    • Anticorrosion properties;
    • Temperature from -50°С up to +1000°С;
    • Protects from jamming;
    • Protects rubber parts from deformation;
    • Stability to water washout;
    • Protects caliper from salt and slush;
    • No interaction with brake fluid DOT 3, DOT 4, DOT 5.1


    • Brakes noise;
    • Brakes jamming or blocking;
    • Replace of brake pads;
    • Caliper repair: replace of guide pins, rubber seals, routine maintenance;
    • Uneven wear of brake pads.


    Apply a thin layer of grease to all caliper parts. For application on the piston use a syringe.


    5 g. sachet of grease МС-1600 for one kit of brake pads.



    - Clean all surfaces of caliper parts from dirt and rust before application
    - Check the brake pads for damage and replace them if needed
    - Apply a thin layer of brakes caliper grease to all surfaces according to manufacturer instructions
    - Use brakes Brake grease MC-1600 every time your replace brake pads

    	Frenaje seguro con la grasa lubricante MC-1600 (ESP) Frenaje seguro con la grasa lubricante MC-1600 (ESP) .

    Safe braking with MC-1600 (ENG) Safe braking with MC-1600 (ENG).

    How to fix brakes noiseHow to fix brakes noise

    Caliper grease MC-1600. Professional brakes maintenanceCaliper grease MC-1600. Professional brakes maintenance.


    Report about Brake grease MC-1600

    Made by VOLK BRAKE PERFORMANCE Company  (St-Petersburg)

    Date: 11.05.2012

    By results of the test results in 2012 year the company VOLK BRAKE PERFORMANCE (car service chain) fully accepted Brake grease MC-1600 in their daily work.





    Report about caliper grease МС-1600

    Certificate "Innovative product"

    The Brake grease MC-1600 confirmed its properties to eliminate brakes squeak and received a certificate "Innovative product" at the exhibition Tbilisi International Auto Show 2012 in georgia

    Date: 21/10/2012.

     Certificate Caliper grease МС-1600




    Central Scientific Research Automobile and Engine Institute


    Official apptovement of brake grease MC 1600

    Release form



    tube 100 g.

    tube 50 g.

    sachet 5g.


    Other packaging upon request

    - Can 400g

    - Pail 18 kg

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  • Brakes squeaking. How to fix Squeaky Brakes

    Why brake pads squeak and how to fix brakes squealing?

    EXPERT OPINION: Caliper grease MC-1600 reduces vibrations and eliminate brakes squeaking.

    Caliper grease MC-1600: Replace brake shoes - change caliper grease!

    Water, slush, salt, temperature more than 2000C and the bearing work during 5-10 years without replace of the grease. Calipers of your car, responsible for your safety, work in these conditions... 15 years experienced mechanic shares his experience.

    Brake system maintenance: safety, saving, comfort.

    Expert shares his experience:

    Tip 1: Maintain your caliper when you change brake pads.

    Tip 2: When you replace brake pads ask your mechanic to lubricate all parts of caliper: guide pins, piston, back side of brake pads.

    Tip 3: Read attentively information on packing of the grease you use.

    Tip 4: Choose right caliper grease.


    Constantine Dubarev – KIA Cerato owner gives a piece of advice on how to eliminate brakes’ squealing. New pair of brake pads installed on KIA Cerato of 2006, used to squeak. Constantine applied grease MC-1600 and after its application the squealing sound evaporated....

    Caliper grease MC-1600 in LEXUS RX 350 I

    Some time ago I found a caliper grease MC-1600 of Russian producer and decided to test it in my LEXUS RX 350 I...