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RESURS at Hong Kong Touring Car Competition

March 23-24, 2013 Touring Car Competition took place in Hong Kong, where Advanced Technology International (official RESURS distributor) has sponsored famous HK and China racer Billy Lo.

Reparation for 30 000 EUR or engine restorer RESURS?

Reparation for 30 000 EUR or engine restorer RESURS? One case happened in Hong Kong will help to answer this question.

Georgia: Eliminate brakes’ screeching

From 19th to 21st of October in the capital of Georgia Tbilisi was held the annual International Tbilisi Auto Show. Distributor New RESURS Company with research & production company VMPAUTO took part in this event and carried out a free testing of caliper grease MC-1600, essential for safe and soundless driving.

Out of 12 cars that participated in the test – all of them left without brakes’ screeching!

VMPAUTO together with AutoBild magazine offers a gift to its readers

VMPAUTO LLC together with the magazine AutoBild offers to 5.000 readers a gift - multipurpose caliper lube MC-1600!