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Safe braking with MC-1600. TV-program.

Recent researches conducted by Finnish magazine AUTOBILD (9-10, 2013; p. 50) showed that car’s stopping distance increased in 2.4 meters after 100 000 km of run.

VMPAUTO's branch in Asia

On June 2013 VMPAUTO launches its office in Hong Kong – VMPAUTO ASIA. Now you can get engine restorer RESURS faster and almost everywhere! 

Super RESURS for Ferrari supercar

Ferrari 599 GTO car owner was satisfied with the results of application of Engine restorer RESURS. He is going to apply the restorer RESURS every time when change oil.

Nigeria: Stop brakes noise!

In the capital of Nigeria Abudja city mechanics uses brake grease MC-1600 to eliminate brakes noise.

VMPAUTO products at the exhibition in Finland

The official distributor of VMPAUTO LLC. in Finland – Kaasutin Expertti Oy participated at the Classic Car Show that took place in Lahti, Finland the 8th of May.