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Team of VMPAUTO came back from Mexico, where took part in 2 large-scale events - Amecameca autoshow» и «EXPO Mecanico Automotriz» at the same time. Also our team had meetings with owners of sales outlets for communication of experience and took part in the Scientific Conference for those who are interested in new technologies in the field of tribology.

Car owner has made free test of RESURS

«Amecameca autoshow» is annual event, which is dedicated to car tuning and its personalization. This event took place in the open space. And that was not surprising, because there were more than 2000 of participants. Our company presented VW Golf 1994, which was the subject of eco-tuning.

There were more than 2 000 of participants in "AMECAMECA autoshow"

Eco-tuning- is a new stream in tuning, which has the main aim-reduce exhaust emissions of vehicles. This problem is very important in Mexico, because the city is located in the crater of an extinct volcano, Mexico City is about 2,240 metres above sea level. The lower atmospheric oxygen levels at this altitude cause incomplete fuel combustion in engines and higher emissions of carbon monoxide and other compounds. Air pollution of Mexico became a universal problem, which is discussed at the state level. There are forbidden to drive car one day per week. Also owners of cars are obliged to make annual measure of the level of exhaust emissions.

One car owner tried RESURS and was wondered by the power of his car

Mexico gave to our VMPAUTO team a warm welcome. We made free test of exhaust emissions of cars with the help of gas analyzer and also helped to those who had level of exhaust emission above permissible limits.

VMPAUTO made free test of exhaust emissions with gas analyzer

You will ask us how? Everything is simple: 50g of High Engineering in one small bottle of RESURS, 8 billions of nano-particles, which are able to solve not only ecological, but also economic problems, reducing expenses on petroleum and adding of oil.

Results reduced exhaust emissions of HC (hydrocarbon) in 5 times! (On the left result of the gas analyzer before, on the right-after)

And of course, auto event cannot be provided without fashion beauties! We have prepared specially for this event one thousands of erotic calendars. All pictures are taken in the factory of VMPAUTO. Calendars also caused a lot of positive emotions among guests of both events!