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At the end of December 2014 company «SMAZKA.RU», a part of VMPAUTO started to supply sealing grease MC 1330 to Australia.

Grease МС 1330 is applied to seal main bearing of TBM as well as control joint and telescopic station of microtunneling boring machines. It effectively protects main bearing against ingress of water, soil or dust. The grease resists high water and soil pressures, possesses excellent lubricating properties, good adhesion and pumpability.

At recent time 6 TBMs are operated in Australia. However no one company does not have any stock of greases for TBMs maintenance. For some companies the volume is small, for others- the distance to Australia and difficulties in delivery, but «SMAZKA.RU» decided to risk and became a supplier of greases for TBMs. «SMAZKA.RU» proved that its high quality products are needed even far from 13 000 km. Grease MC-1330 conform international quality standards and has approval from Merkel Freudenberg Simrit and Robbins.