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Grinding pastes. ARE THEY NECESSARY?

Finnish expert in preparation of sports cars engines Toumo Kurki-Suonio tried to answer this question. Engine repair shops do not lap valves after machining on a lathe. They are save time, claiming that the valve is tight enough.

Prevent Bearing Failures. Proper lubricating

The purpose of lubricating a bearing is to cover the rolling and sliding contact surfaces with a thin oil film to avoid direct metal-to-metal contact. When done effectively, this reduces friction and abrasion, transports heat generated by friction, prolongs service life, prevents rust and corrosion, and keeps foreign objects and contamination away from rolling elements.


Brake system maintenance: safety, saving, comfort.

Expert shares his experience:

Tip 1: Maintain your caliper when you change brake pads.

Tip 2: When you replace brake pads ask your mechanic to lubricate all parts of caliper: guide pins, piston, back side of brake pads.

Tip 3: Read attentively information on packing of the grease you use.

Tip 4: Choose right caliper grease.

Caliper grease MC-1600: Replace brake shoes - change caliper grease!

Water, slush, salt, temperature more than 2000C and the bearing work during 5-10 years without replace of the grease. Calipers of your car, responsible for your safety, work in these conditions... 15 years experienced mechanic shares his experience.

Lithium Complex greases

Grease Selection: Lithium vs. Lithium Complex grease. What to choose?

    • High dropping point
    • Mechanical stability
    • Water restance
    • High oil separation properties