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Did you think how often should you change motor oil in your car? Most of people change the oil according to warranty and service book. Low motor oil and fuel quality have a negative impact on engine. (article in the magazine «At the wheel» 17.11.2014)


Russian magazine «At the wheel» has carried out an inspection of fuel filling stations

One owner of new Range Rover was shocked to find metal particles in used motor oil of his car. The dealer could not give him any explanation and the car owner tried to seek the truth with the help of automotive communities. So we decided to help him and made service life analysis of motor oil.

The Range Rover which is full of cuttings

Broad-scale research has started. Cutting and metal particles in the engine can be caused by premature wear of the engine, which was a result of motor oil quality fall of long before MOT test (the oil change period for Range Rover is 13000 km). When we speak about oil quality fall we mean the deterioration of «HTHS» characteristic. What is «HTHS»? HTHS is an index of motor oil viscosity at the temperature 150C and high share velocity which is equal to the third space speed!

Scientific officers of VMPAUTO LLC have ascertained that antifriction motor oil properties were reduced to critical values after 1500 km of running, HTHS viscosity fall outside the tolerable limits after 3000 km of running. Also, motor oil was saturated with soot and other combustion products, which reduce HTHS viscosity.


Metal particles in used motor oil

Conclusion: service life of motor oil is reduced because of contamination by fuel combustion products. Why this issue is important today? The problems of high fuel consumption, reducing of dynamic characteristics of the vehicle, premature wear of the engine are caused by low motor oil quality, namely-low HTHS.

«… I was so frustrated and excited when I saw metal particles in my new car engine…»
Owner of Range Rover 3л, turbo diesel, 292 hp, 2014

You can find results of investigation of motor oil properties in the film of authoritative Russian video blogger Konstantin Zarutsky. The main idea of the first part is the test of used motor oil, which ran 1500 km and was poured from Range Rover.



Moreover, there were tested famous oil additives. And this test was made with used motor oil, not with new one, as it shown in publicity. Result of test with used motor oil, which ran 3000 km, is more close to the reality, than test with new one. So this kind of test is the first and unique. So we are waiting for results.