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 Have you ever thought about grease characterisctics which are indicated by grease manufacturers? Have you ever thought about grease working conditions in different units and which grease characteristics are more important?

Most probably you have never thought about that. Frequently choosing the grease you trust seller's advices, popular brands and even attractive packaging.

We suggest you to make a comparative analysis of multipurpose EP2 grease MC 1520 (Rubin) and general lithium grease LITOL-24 (the most popular EP2 lithium grease in Russia).

Samples of general EP2 lithium grease of different manufacturers

All tests are made with the best sample of general EP2 lithium grease.

Multipurpose EP2 grease MC 1520 (Rubin)

Let's see the most important characteristics of greases and compare different samples of multipurpose EP2 lithium grease.

The most important purpose of lubrication is to reduce friction and wear. These properties are indicated by weld point and critical load.

Weld point is a measure of the maximum load carrying ability of a grease. At the weld point the maximum load that the grease can support has been exceeded and the grease no longer provides lubrication.

Critical load is a measure of the maximum load when tear appears and units are wearing out.

These properties are measured on a 4-ball machine. The higher these values are, more loads the lubricant stands.


MC 1520 (Rubin)
Weld point 112 63
Critical load 250 141

Under load of 141 kg/s the balls with general EP2 lithium grease welded; and only wear spots appeared on the balls with EP2 grease MC 1520 (Rubin).

Scar diameter. MC 1520 (Rubin)

The working temperature range is also very important. The temperature of most of bearings during work reaches 100°C.Working temperatureEP2 grease MC 1520 (Rubin) from +120°CEP2 general lithium grease from +120°CNext important feature for comparison is pumpability. The property of a lubricating grease that causes it to flow under pressure through lines, nozzles, and fittings. This property is very important for central lubrication systems.

Central lubrication system Lincoln

The EP2 grease MC 1520 (Rubin) has good pumpability even under low temperature as distinct from general lithium grease LITOL-24.Some grease manufacturers show water washout properties. The ability of a grease to resist washout under conditions where water may splash or impinge directly on a bearing is an important property in the maintenance of a satisfactory lubricating film. The less this value, the grease is more suitable for working in wet conditions. This method has a standart ASTM D 1264.


Water washout testWater

washout @ 38°C:
Litol-24 - 6.5%
EP2 grease MC 1520 (Rubin) - 1.3%
Basing on these results we can conclude that the EP2 grease MC 1520 (Rubin) stands high loads and can be used in high loaded units.EP2 grease MC 1520 (Rubin) is suitable for central lubrication systems and has high water resistant properties.Using EP2 grease MC 1520 (Rubin) you considerably increase units service life.