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Caliper of every car somehow resembles a musical instrument, at least at this point – it can’t hold from vibrating. Even a slightest disturbance in the brake system and the irritating screeching sound will be there. Brake pads producers are perfectly aware of this problem.

Brake pads have different structure

Real evidence of that are different noise suppression constructions on brake pads. For example, back brake pads of Toyota RAV4 have 3 anti-screeching plates. We have to pay tribute to this producer – they spend millions for your comfort. But even these measures sometimes are not enough.

Here is one case.

"I have a new Toyota RAV4, mileage 70 thousand km. Although brakes screeching. Two times I came to the car service and asked to replace me brake pads. “You have very good, original brake pads – they don’t need replacing.” – replied the car mechanics. Toyotas’ back brake pads have 2 anti-screech plates, but even this can be not enough sometimes. After application of grease MC-1600 screeching was gone for good!”


The trick in this case with MC-1600 is that the grease moves the frequency range of brakes squeaking out of audibility area. If brakes squeaking can’t be eliminated, it can be made inaudible.

Alexander Davydov, VBP car service director