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Some time ago I found a caliper grease MC-1600 of Russian producer and decided to test it in my LEXUS RX 350.

I share my photos about this caliper’s repair .

Step 1. Disassemble the caliper.

First, I disassemble the caliper and discovered brown corrosion scale on the slide pins. In general, oxidation is a result of car exploitation.


I supposed that the caliper slide pins were lubricated with graphite or just lithium grease which don't resist high temperature and exptre conditions of brakes work.

Step 2. Clean caliper parts

I clean slide pins and replace anthers on new ones


Step 3. Grease caliper

I lubricate caliper slide pins and anthers with multipurpose caliper grease MC-1600.

Step 4. Caliper assembly

I assemble the caliper.

At the moment, after disassembly of caliper the car mileage was 700 km. It responds smoothly on pedal press, but slows down quickly and surely, as though I changed brake blocks.

I disassembled it to have a look what is inside. Anthers and guidings were alright, well lubricated with this grease and what was pleasantly, neither color or quantity were not changed.

I can make a conclusion that the caliper grease MC-1600 is not oxidized and flowed out yet. There is no any corrosion.

Totally, for 4 calipers I used 30g of the grease. One 10g sachet I used for all rear calipers and per one sachet on front ones.