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Service life of motor oil. Motor oil test.

Did you think how often should you change motor oil in your car? Most of people change the oil according to warranty and service book. Low motor oil and fuel quality have a negative impact on engine.

System of engine lubrication is like a «vascular system» of man.

System of engine lubrication is the «vascular system» of car. Oil moves in the engine like blood in the human body, and discharge very significant functions, such as decreasing of force of friction and thermo exchanging between details.

What Happens If There Is No Oil in Your Car Engine?

The first thing which attracts the interest is the question, how to remove the oil from the engine. To be honest, it is not enough to drain oil and to swab details. The lubricant film still keeps. For this reason the engine continues running "without oil". And there are a lot of things from which the engine should be protected: the friction, which appears when the piston stroke up and down, also heating, as a result of fuel blend explosion.

Toxic exhaust gases: How to reduce emissions?

More and more countries are thinking about reducing of emissions which are so harmful for our environment. Vehicle exhaust gases are one of the most important air pollution source, and local government brings in new mitigation measures and control vehicle emissions.

EP2 Grease MC-1520 (Rubin) – quality product for reasonable price?

Have you ever thought about grease characterisctics which are indicated by grease manufacturers? Have you ever thought about grease working conditions in different units and which grease characteristics are more important?